Al-Aswad Dental will resume it's operations commencing Tuesday May 26, 2020.

Al-Aswad Dental COVID-19 Updates

 Our Valued Patient,

 As we are all coming to terms with this new norm that COVID-19 has forced upon us, and you and your loved ones are members of our larger dental family, we would like to let you know what your dental home is implementing in order to keep you, your loved ones, and our staff safe.

 These new measures will commence with our telephone confirmation call as we need you to answer a couple of questions prior to your appointment. Therefore, if we are unable to connect with you prior to your appointment, and instead leave you a voice message or send you a confirmation email, please make every effort to respond to us 48 hours prior to your appointment date.

Our practice is in the process of integrating an electronic mass communication module in order to keep all our patients informed of any new developments, updates, and other information that is important for our patients and us to communicate. Having said that, it is imperative that you communicate the following information needed prior to your dental appointment

o Home Address.

o Mobile telephone number for text messaging (fees from your service carrier may apply).

o Home or work telephone number. We require at least two telephone numbers for your account.

o Email address

We are adhering to the CDC, ADA, and MDS guidelines, which are as follows:

All patients must be wearing masks coming into the office. The masks are to be removed only when you are seated in the operatory. We will be supplying masks to patients if they don’t have one.

Due to the size of our waiting room, and the 6 feet social distancing mandate, there should be no more than two patients in our waiting room, unless they are from one family.

Upon arriving at your appointment, we are going to ask you to call us
at 617-625-3636 before you leave your car in order to let us know you have arrived.

 If there is no safe space for you in our waiting room to adhere to the 6 feet social distancing mandated, we will kindly ask you to wait in your car. You will be called to come in a timely manner.

 If you are an adult patient, minimize the number of people accompanying you to your appointment. Please try to come alone. We will ask people accompanying you to wait in the car.

 If your child is being seen, we ask only one parent to accompany the child. Please bring only the child or children who are scheduled for the dental visit.
What to expect to see when you come for your appointment.

The bare waiting room, as all articles have been removed to minimize the possibility of cross contamination between patients.

 All staff members will be wearing scrubs, headcovers, masks, and disposable lab jackets. When you are in the operatory, there will be all the mentioned above in addition to face shields.

When you check in for yourself or child,

o The patient or parent will be asked several questions.

o The patient’s temperature will be measured and recorded.

o A pulse oximeter will be placed on the patient’s finger to measure the blood oxygen saturation (this takes about 5 seconds).

The office will have two medical grade air purifiers to circulate and clean the air in the office.

There will be medical grade hand sanitizers in several areas in the office, please use them to sanitize your hands regularly.

Prior to your appointment please inform us of any updates on your medical history, insurance, or contact information. This will help us prepare for your appointment. Also, it will help our staff to provide services to you and your family in a timely manner.


 The American Dental Association has implemented a new dental service code for PPE, which dental offices will be utilizing. This new service code and its $15 charge will be applied to every patient’s account, for every family member being seen, and for every dental visit. Payment is due at the end of the appointment. We will submit this code with your claim to your dental insurance provider. If a payment is received back from your insurance company, the amount you have paid will be credited to your account and refunded upon request.


To lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission we will only be accepting credit cards as a method of payment. We only accept payment via Visa & MasterCard.

In order to care for all our patient’s needs, our office will be open.


Mondays 9:00AM-5:00PM, We providening patient's account managment services.

Tuesdays-Saturdays 9:00AM-5:00PM, We are providing dental treatment services to our patients.

Daily 1:00PM -2:00PM, Office is closed for our daily break.

617- 605-1401, After hours emergnecies only (text or call).

These are unprecedented times, and our goal here is to care for you and your loved ones in the best way we can. I ask for your understanding as we navigate this new norm and implement the changes needed to care for you and your loved ones. There are things that will occur, such as us running late and asking you to wait in your car. Additionally, we courteously ask for your patience with our team members, as we are doing our utmost best to care for you and your loved ones in the best way technology, infection control and safe practices can offer.

Please call me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for being part of our dental family.

Dr. Lina Al-Aswad
Al-Aswad Dental
1133 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144
[email protected]

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